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Jane Vincent

Question 1:

The community have expressed significant concerns regarding the perceived lack of consultation, insufficient information disclosure, unquantified financial decisions, and overall lack of transparency in Council's actions, particularly concerning agreements like the one with REX airlines and asset acquisitions such as the old grain depot.
What process would you implement to ensure adequate consultation with community, as well as ensuring financially prudent decisions are being made within the chamber? 

  1. Assign specific portfolios to councillors, enabling them to represent and advocate with a greater knowledge on local issues and initiatives for those functions.

  2. Establish focus groups for issues requiring local or specialized expertise, fostering a more targeted approach to problem-solving.

  3. Implement due process, including business cases or feasibility studies that are adjusted based on the financial commitment required for informed decision-making.

  4. Revise and update local community plans and regional plans to guide staff work programs and align council direction with community preferences.

  5. Secure documented community commitment for projects presented to the council, which could include letters of request, collaboration with community groups, deputations, or similar.

  6. Promote open and transparent governance, sharing information whenever possible to enhance public awareness and understanding.

  7. Ensure authentic consultation with the community by providing necessary details for an informed public opinion, no predetermined outcomes, and fostering genuine engagement.

Question 2:

RCAT recognises the vital role that businesses play in our regional economy and community. With this in mind, we're keen to understand your vision and proposed strategies for supporting our local business community into the future. Could you outline specific initiatives or policies you plan to champion to support growth, innovation, and resilience among our local businesses.

Put tourism back on the agenda!

  1. Re-evaluate the local organisational model for the tourism sector by collaborating with staff and local tourism associations. Establish a dedicated regional staff member to drive marketing initiatives.

  2. Re-establish our region’s commitment to Great Inland Way, Outback Qld, and TEQ, fostering increased visibility and engagement.

  3. Provide enhanced support for regional events that draw additional visitors, thereby boosting economic activity within the business sector.

  4. Strengthen relationships with regional tourism businesses and local organizations to promote a collaborative approach. Renew the regional Tourism Plan

  5. Support Visitor Information Centres (VICs) to promote and execute initiatives aimed at increasing overnight stays and visitation.


Promote Local Business Procurement.

Advocate for the continued preference of local businesses and contractors in council contracts and encourage shopping locally throughout the region whereever possible.

Support small communities access to ongoing educational opportunities by supporting workshops facilitators that travel to these areas, potentially waiving fees at local halls to attract workshops that foster innovation and resilience.

Economic Development Advocacy

Establish an Economic Development councillor portfolio to champion local solutions for training, childcare, and housing etc. at both state and federal levels.

Pursue Olympic Involvement

Collaborate with the tourism and business community to attract opportunities for our region's involvement in the 2032 Olympics.

Support initiatives that increase/attract or grow workers.

Continue endorsing community organisational-led initiatives such as CUC, career expos, Roma Love Local Life, etc., to contribute to the overall well-being and development of the community. Continue to include traineeships or placement opportunities at council.

Question 3:

As a councillor, the importance of having a well-defined set of personal values and ethics cannot be overstated. With this in mind, how do you intend to equip yourself with the necessary information and understanding to form your own position on important issues before voting? Additionally, what strategies do you have in mind to actively contribute within the chamber to ensure that decisions lead to impactful and beneficial outcomes for our communities?

I place a high value on integrity, in myself and I admire it in others. Diligence and continuous learning are core principles that guide my personal and professional endeavors. I actively seek information on topics of interest or decisions I need to make.

In the chamber, I commit to being respectful, attentively listening to the perspectives of fellow councillors, and fostering a mutual atmosphere of respect for inclusive decision making.

I advocate for the reinstatement of workshops, providing a platform for councillors and staff to exchange information. This collaboration would harness both technical expertise and community feedback to present well-considered solutions during council meetings, as opposed to consistently deferring items.

I also support the reinstatement of portfolios, enabling councillors to actively engage in their representation roles. This approach would deepen their understanding, allowing for more informed advocacy and the sharing of perspectives with fellow councillors.

Additionally, I propose a comprehensive review of existing policies, assessing their relevance and effectiveness for our community's needs.

Finally ASK QUESTIONS! Both internally and externally. Connecting with individuals who possess a vested interest or knowledge related to the concerns at hand is crucial for making well-informed decisions.

Question 4:

Both RCAT and Maranoa Regional Council (through the APLNG Liveability Fund) have jointly invested significant funds and time over the past 12 months to support regional liveability initiatives.  We are keen to hear your perspective on enhancing liveability and attracting and retaining a local skilled workforce. In your view, what are the key strategies or initiatives that our local council can undertake and/or support to improve the overall quality of life for residents, while also making our region more attractive to workers and ensuring they choose to live local and remain within our communities.

Foster community vibrancy and interpersonal connections by supporting programs and initiatives such as events, support groups, and informative welcome packs, aimed at attracting families, young people to come, stay or return to our communities.

Enhance town aesthetics and amenities by emphasizing the importance of clean and well-maintained towns to create positive first impressions. Developing and maintaining excellent parks and gardens designed to appeal to all age groups. Ensure that each town features high-quality walking tracks for the enjoyment of residents and visitors alike.

Advocate for improved transportation by advocating for more favourable arrangements for ratepayers and the community regarding flights to Brisbane, seeking to improve accessibility and connectivity. Consider transportation from our small towns into Roma.

Strengthen local collaborations by increasing conversations and valuing shared visions with local town organizations, fostering partnerships to enhance community development initiatives.

Prioritize support for local council staff - as a significant regional employer council needs to prioritize supporting and respecting their local staff. Acknowledge the loss of experienced local staff over the past four years and initiate career pathways to rebuild knowledge and experience. Encourage retention of skilled personnel within council. This will stabilise and expand the pool of employees with partners or family members seeking or retaining employment within the region.

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