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Peter Flynn

Question 1:

The community have expressed significant concerns regarding the perceived lack of consultation, insufficient information disclosure, unquantified financial decisions, and overall lack of transparency in Council's actions, particularly concerning agreements like the one with REX airlines and asset acquisitions such as the old grain depot.
What process would you implement to ensure adequate consultation with community, as well as ensuring financially prudent decisions are being made within the chamber? 

I believe consultation with the community and the ratepayers is an important ingredient of any successful council. In collaboration with all councillors I would push that council take all important decisions back to the community to obtain feedback and then vote accordingly in the chamber. Financially there are many aspects to be addressed including the maintainence matrix and the ability for council to keep their assets in good working order and that the infrastructure such as parks, buildings and facilities are monitored and kept in a usable condition.

Question 2:

RCAT recognises the vital role that businesses play in our regional economy and community. With this in mind, we're keen to understand your vision and proposed strategies for supporting our local business community into the future. Could you outline specific initiatives or policies you plan to champion to support growth, innovation, and resilience among our local businesses.

In previous terms on council, I have always tried to support Local Business initiatives and have spent time on previous local business committees such as Chamber of Commerce, Tourism, Active Roma and RCAT to endeavour to foster local business growth. The current economic environment makes it imperative that council support service organisations to see local business continue to thrive. One area where council can support local business is by encouraging local employment in any major projects that council is funding – new aquatic centre and this extends to projects in the communities serviced by the MRC.

Question 3:

As a councillor, the importance of having a well-defined set of personal values and ethics cannot be overstated. With this in mind, how do you intend to equip yourself with the necessary information and understanding to form your own position on important issues before voting? Additionally, what strategies do you have in mind to actively contribute within the chamber to ensure that decisions lead to impactful and beneficial outcomes for our communities?

In previous terms on council, I have always taken a common sense approach to decision making always making sure that I have familiarised myself with minutes and information provided by executive directors before casting my vote in the chamber and if need be further investigated subject matters to make an informed decision. I am pretty sure given my community and sporting committee background I have always voted to make sure all local communities benefit.

Question 4:

Both RCAT and Maranoa Regional Council (through the APLNG Liveability Fund) have jointly invested significant funds and time over the past 12 months to support regional liveability initiatives.  We are keen to hear your perspective on enhancing liveability and attracting and retaining a local skilled workforce. In your view, what are the key strategies or initiatives that our local council can undertake and/or support to improve the overall quality of life for residents, while also making our region more attractive to workers and ensuring they choose to live local and remain within our communities.

I think collaboration with local community organisations and service providers to ensure important day to day items such as housing and childcare are fostered to ensure a skilled workforce can be retained. It has always been one of my focus points to have liveability and tourism going hand in hand for the betterment of our communities. It is my belief that a strong tourism sector flows on economically for growth in the local region.

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