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Amber Davis

Question 1:

The community have expressed significant concerns regarding the perceived lack of consultation, insufficient information disclosure, unquantified financial decisions, and overall lack of transparency in Council's actions, particularly concerning agreements like the one with REX airlines and asset acquisitions such as the old grain depot.
What process would you implement to ensure adequate consultation with community, as well as ensuring financially prudent decisions are being made within the chamber? 

I feel this question is one of the main reasons I am running for Council. Strategic and financial decisions need to be made with the current and future generations in mind. I would support Councillor portfolios, advisory committees and business decisions supported by strong business plans with appropriate levels of feedback.


The REX Airlines Partnership is very one sided and not in favour of the ratepayers. I would never vote to run Councils business operations at a lossnor would I commit ratepayers money to a dilapidated old shed without due diligence.


Community consultation, for me, is not something to be done just to tick a box – it needs to be meaningful.


The role of a Councillor involves being accountable to the community for the local government's performance.

One strategy that comes to mind is Town Hall meetings, if elected, I will also listen to ideas of my fellow councillors and council staff on the best way that we can approach this but I agree, more needs to happen.

Question 2:

RCAT recognises the vital role that businesses play in our regional economy and community. With this in mind, we're keen to understand your vision and proposed strategies for supporting our local business community into the future. Could you outline specific initiatives or policies you plan to champion to support growth, innovation, and resilience among our local businesses.

My vision and proposed strategies are nothing new – work with RCAT, groups and businesses within our towns, look to see what is working in other similar sized and demographic regions, put in the hard yards for a result for our business community. 


I also think there is much work to do in the Tourism space which previously had a portfolio and an advisory group. This is how we bring money into our region and the flow on effects for local businesses, Council needs to ensure that the organisational structure and budget reflects the importance of Tourism and Economic Development.

Question 3:

As a councillor, the importance of having a well-defined set of personal values and ethics cannot be overstated. With this in mind, how do you intend to equip yourself with the necessary information and understanding to form your own position on important issues before voting? Additionally, what strategies do you have in mind to actively contribute within the chamber to ensure that decisions lead to impactful and beneficial outcomes for our communities?

I am a truly independent Councillor candidate. I am not afraid to challenge the status quo and think outside of the box.


Making decisions within the chamber must lead to a positive outcome for our communities – this will be in the front of my mind for EVERY decision I make on behalf of the residents and ratepayers. Council also need to look at ways to value add to every decision. Council staff play an important role in bringing a thorough report to the table and I would value their time and expertise and weigh that with feedback from the community to form my own opinion. 

Question 4:

Both RCAT and Maranoa Regional Council (through the APLNG Liveability Fund) have jointly invested significant funds and time over the past 12 months to support regional liveability initiatives.  We are keen to hear your perspective on enhancing liveability and attracting and retaining a local skilled workforce. In your view, what are the key strategies or initiatives that our local council can undertake and/or support to improve the overall quality of life for residents, while also making our region more attractive to workers and ensuring they choose to live local and remain within our communities.

I believe Council needs to focus on the traditional functions of local government. Doing our job well with good governance will lead to positive outcomes for our community.


Attracting and retaining a local skilled workforce, Council should lead from the front in this. I moved to Roma for a job with Council nearly 20 years go. At that time Council was considered an “employer of choice” who paid well, invested in their staff and had career progression. I am saddened to see so many vacancies currently within our Council. 


I would continue to partner with RCAT and other groups to deliver programs and initiatives that support our business and tourism sectors ensuring the Maranoa is a great place to live, work, play and stay.

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