Maranoa Regional Council (MRC)

Tendering with MRC

Maranoa Regional council has many supply opportunities local businesses can tender for, with most larger contracts being managed through LG Tenderbox.  Further systems for small to medium tenders are in development, however for now,  MRC ultilises their list of businesses on the Register of Pre-Qualified Suppliers.

About LG Tenderbox

Registering for LG Tenderbox is a simple and straightforward process. Once registered, you can sign up for alerts regarding contracts in your areas of interest (eg. contruction), for the locality of "South West Queensland". Signing in allows you to view and download tender documents and upload your tender responses.  MRC will not solicit calls or emails for further information regarding an open tender, to prevent conflict of interest.  However, a public online forum is available for asking questions and viewing answers, and you can get email notifications for this as well.

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The Importance of Tendering and RPQS

The Maranoa Regional Council no longer directly approaches businesses not on their Register of Pre-Qualified Suppliers (RPQS). Certain projects require a panel of tenders, and businesses on the RPQS are approched to tender depending on the type of work needed and their previous sucessful tenders.  Tender responses, and successful tenders are an important part of how MRC assesses businesses capabilities, so local businesses, no matter how small, are encouraged to tender whenever possible.  The only way to be on the RPQS is to have at least one successful tender with MRC.