A bit of background information

Commerce Roma in partnership with Visit Roma, Santos and the Maranoa Regional Council is championing a COVID-19 recovery effort for our businesses across the Maranoa through a new joint initiative called 'Think Local First'.


Consumers are well aware of the concept and benefits of Shopping Local.  Our current economic climate has recently seen Maranoa businesses impacted by the recent COVID-19 by:

- having to close for a period of time and/or

- having restrictions imposed on their business activity and/or

- feeling pressure to increase their online presence to remain accessible to their customers.


Earlier in the year the COVID-19 Recovery Taskforce was formed comprising of Maranoa Regional Council, Commerce Roma and regional development organisations throughout the region, to help businesses in the Maranoa, recover from COVID-19 impacts. Maranoa Regional Council and Santos have committed their financial and in-kind support to the COVID-19 Taskforce. 


During months of May and June 2020, businesses in the Maranoa were surveyed by the COVID-19 Recovery Taskforce to obtain essential data on the impact that COVID-19 is having on their respective businesses.


The information collated from this exercise proved valuable and has given the Taskforce a snapshot of the region and reinforced the actions and priorities for the group to assist in the region’s economic recovery phase.


The survey focused on the impacts, challenges and opportunities that have arisen during COVID-19. Results of the survey indicated that each business sector has been impacted differently.  You can download and view a copy of the summary results HERE.


As part of the feedback received, the Taskforce heard many businesses were wanting digital media support to help their online presence.  They also heard from businesses that they were willing to support an initiative that promoted the benefits about shopping local.


Image: Survey participant Giri Kumar, Manager of Snap Fitness Roma with COVID-19 Recovery Taskforce representatives Mayor Golder, Visit Roma President Charlie Eames, Commerce Roma President Cyril Peet and Councillor Wendy Taylor.

Welcome to our 'Think Local First' Initiative

The 'Think Local First' campaign is all about consumer awareness and asking our customers to stop and 'think' local before they spend their dollars out of our region.


The initial stage of this campaign includes the launch of our promotional teardrop banner flags, a Digital Asset Resource Kit developed by the COVID-19 Recovery Action Taskforce for the Maranoa region and 2 x Digital Media Asset Workshops.


The campaign initiatives create an opportunity and tools for every business to utilise to promote the message of supporting the local economy by thinking of our local businesses to shop with first.


It is well known that shop local campaigns bring significant advantages linked to local purchasing including:

- More money staying within the local community

- Local jobs are created and sustained

- The local community and economy are strengthened

- Customer service is enhanced

- Local liveability of our towns in improved

The Think Local First Digital Asset Resource Kit aims to encourage residents and visitors to support the local businesses by thinking about spending locally before they spend their dollar outside of our region.  The digital assets also allow local businesses to participate in a collaborative approach of promoting the campaign's brand awareness and to educate our consumers of the importance of the flow on effect that shopping local creates for businesses, families and the local community.

The resource kit will be complemented by two Digital Media Workshops designed to help local businesses design and plan their social media presence which will be held on 21 August 2020.  The workshops are funded as part of the campaign and will be FREE for participants to attend. 


Two workshops will be held.  One will be designed for beginners or for those wanting to build their confidence with social media design and content, and the other workshop will be tailored for those businesses with intermediate social media experience under their cap.    

Registered workshop participants will receive further tools, advice, and knowledge on social media design and content to allow them to plan and build their business's social media presence.   These workshops will be a hands-on workshop where participants will be required to bring their own laptop which will allow them to work on their own business materials during the course.  This will include the setup and integration of the Think Local First digital asset package as above.

To learn more about the workshops or to register and secure your seat, click below.   Workshop spaces are limited so book now to avoid disappointment.  The workshops will be conducted in adherence to COVID-19 compliances. 

What's included in the Think Local First Digital Asset Resource Kit?

We've initially created the following digital assets.  These have been created to promote the campaigns awareness within our community and also to engage the customer to learn more about what your business offers and how their support allows your business to support our local community and economy.

Below is an outline of what is on offer.  To download your free assets and instructions on how to use them, please register below and we will email the entire package directly to you.  #thinklocalfirst


1 x Social Media Profile Picture Overlay to promote the Think Local First initiative (This is also available to upload to your Facebook profile picture as a frame.)


1 x Facebook Cover overlay to place on your businesses cover picture to create promotion and awareness of the Think Local First initiative


2 x Social Media blank static post background templates to allow you to design your own posts with the

Think Local First Branding


3 x specifically tailored and editable social media templates aimed at letting your community know more about your business and how their support allows you to support them.


2 x specifically tailored and editable social media templates aimed at letting your social media followers know more about where to find you and about the types of products and items you sell or the services you offer.

The above assets are on offer in your download of free digital assets.  Instructions of how and when to use them are also included.  Please register below and we will email the entire package directly to you.  #thinklocalfirst

The Think Local First campaign is a Maranoa community initiative of Commerce Roma and is proudly supported by the COVID-19 Recovery Taskforce, Visit Roma, Santos and the Maranoa Regional Council.


For more information please contact us at